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Place Partnership is responsible for the procuring of estates, property and construction goods and services for our client partners. We will also carry out limited procurement on behalf of our customers and shareholders and have been appointed exclusively to carry out procurement for estates related services for every shareholder.

Our Approach

Our procurement approach complies with public sector regulations. Wherever possible we will seek to aggregate demand in relation to construction work and the supply of estates related services to our customers. Our goal will be to achieve value for money and in the realisation of significant financial savings without compromising on quality. Proactive contract management will be a key feature of our relationship with suppliers, thereby enabling us to maximise business benefits.

Suppliers should regularly visit this website for opportunities. Any tenders will clearly state on whose behalf Place Partnership will be procuring and there will be clear instructions concerning the engagement and submission process, in relation to the agreed tendering processes. Managing over 1300 properties on behalf of its customers and shareholders, we will have many opportunities for local businesses. We would like to encourage all interested parties and in particular, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to submit proposals and bids, wherever they feel there are suitable opportunities.

Would you like the opportunity to become a supplier to Place Partnership.

Like many other procurement bodies, we use In-Tend an electronic e-tendering web portal as our tendering and correspondence portal for any potential suppliers. If you have not already done so, make sure your company is registered on our portal so that you can see any Invitations to Tender we release.

The portal will automatically notify you by e-mail of tendering opportunities, register today at:

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